What does a job coach do?

Many Dutch people are not able to find a suitable job. There can be several reasons for this, such as a lack of available jobs or physical or mental problems. Perhaps a job coach can help you to find and keep a suitable job. After all, it’s a shame when your potential on the job market is not being exploited. What exactly does a job coach do?

What is a job coach?

A job coach is someone who helps a person to find and keep a job. His or her main task is to provide sufficient support to the job seeker so that he or she can find employment. A job coach has a very broad range of tasks. For example, providing job application training is an important part of the job. He or she also helps clients to find suitable vacancies. Which activities best fit the job seeker's profile? This is just one of the questions the coach has to deal with. Important character traits and skills of the coachee and working activities that fit his or her profile are mapped out. Based on this information, the job coach will search for a suitable job.

What are the activities of a job coach?

A job coach has to observe and write a lot. By doing so, he or she draws up an extensive plan together with the client. Among other things this includes whether certain working activities have to be changed by the employer, so that the employee can do his work better. This is because of the fact that a person with a certain disability cannot always just start working somewhere. Sometimes changes on the work floor have to be made.  So a job coach has the important task to make sure that a job seeker ends up in a good workplace. 

A useful job with many tasks

A job coach has a useful job with many tasks. This includes maintaining contact with managers and other guidance bodies. A job coach also handles and processes the administration and possible subsidies. Do you need a coach to give you more guidance in your field of work? In the 'Business' category on OnlineCoach.net you’ll find various coaches who will guide you and help you grow as a person, so that you become a better employee or employer.
What does a job coach do?


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